Random Walks from Shapes - Circles

Random Walks from Shapes: Circles

Random walks and their implementation have been described in detail in my previous post Random Walks From Distinct Sources which I published a few days ago.

Random Walks From Shapes

Random walks starting from shapes yield very interesting results. Let’s start with a simple shape first – a circle – and use the radius and the number of random walks as variables.


ao-pedesis II: aops-r0.125-10000ao-pedesis II: aops-r0.125

left: r = 0.1; right: r=0.125

n = 2k

ao-pedesis II: aops-r0.1-2000 ao-pedesis II: aops-r0.125-2000


ao-pedesis II: aops-r0.1-4000 ao-pedesis II: aops-r0.125-4000


ao-pedesis II: aops-r0.1-8000 ao-pedesis II: aops-r0.125-6000


ao-pedesis II: aops-r0.1-8000 ao-pedesis II: aops-r0.125-8000


ao-pedesis II: aops-r0.1-10000 ao-pedesis II: aops-r0.125-10000

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