genuary 2024 - Generative Art Using Prompts

Genuary 2024: Generative Art Using Prompts

I used to watch the generative arts from all the people who participated in the annual GENUARY project in awe for years, and now in 2024 I’m finally ready to participate for the first time – no need to mention how very excited I am about it.

GENUARY is an artificially generated month of time where we build code that makes beautiful things.

Over the 744 hours of January, for every 24 hours there will be one prompt for your code art. […] You can use any language, framework or medium, on any planet. Feel free to use your own brain or an inscrutable matrix of weights. 

Genuary 2024: Daily Prompts

The list of prompts for Genuary 2024 can be found here. For every prompt (each day of Genuary 2024) there’s a corresponding blog post here on explaining the basic concepts behind the specific prompt and the techniques used in creating the artwork for it. One selected example image for each day/prompt is provided below, for more please see the corresponding article.

01: Particles, lots of them.

Corresponding blog post for this prompt: Particle Systems in Computer Graphics.

Github: 2024/01-particles/s01a_particles

genuary24 day01 particles

genuary24 day01 particles

02: No palettes.

Subtitle: Generative colors, procedural colors, emergent colors.

Github: 2024/02-no-palette/s02a_tartans

Corresponding blog post for this prompt: Generating Tartan Patterns.

Pareto Tartans - Genuary24 Day 2

Generating Tartan Patterns

03: Droste Effect.

Github: 2024/03-droste_effect

Corresponding blog post for this prompt: Infinite Reflections: The Droste Effect in Generative Art.


Droste Effect in generative art -

Original image: StockSnap on Pixabay

04: Pixels.


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